Transgender Isis King, 28, from New York, took the fashion world by storm after appearing on the popular television program.

But the American Apparel model, who models for an array of big fashion brands, hopes to find a partner to share her success with.

Most recently the model opened eyes as she stole the spotlight walking in the Betsey Johnson SS15 fashion show at New York Fashion Week.

She said: Being born in the wrong body has made it really hard because I want to tell men up front, but once I tell them they usually lose interest.

There are preconceived notions of trans women, and they dont want to know me once I tell them.

Its a bit harder for me because not only am I trans, but I am one of the worlds most famous trans women.


Mexican authorities have seized drug boss again, Joaquin Guzman, nicknamed El Chapo after 6 months spent in hiding since escaping from a high security prison.

The news was announced by its President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, who through a post on the social network Twitter announced: The mission was fulfilled. The seized.

Guzman was one of the most powerful bosses and most demanding in the world because of his cartel in Sinaloa run smuggled cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine into the United States.

The US, for their part, had offered a $ 5 million reward for any information that would lead to being recaptured drug lord.

Guzman, who was captured in 2014 again under the Presidency of Pena Nieto, escaped another time in 2001 through an underground tunnel, as they were handcuffed for the first time in 1993.

US President Barack Obama has sought the help of citizens to enforce what he calls practical measures to curb the violence caused by firearms.

Extending a hand to the citizens by the Head of the White House is doing to counter the Republicans who control Congress who oppose Obamas initiative.

During a meeting Virginia, Obama focused on clarifying the contentious measures on the issue of how far government should go in measures to restrict firearms. Obama said the government can do more without violating the constitutional right of Americans to bear arms.

I respect the Second Amendment, but all of us can agree that it is logical to do everything we can to keep away the weapons from the hands of people who want to harm others, he said.

The measures announced by the President during a speech on Tuesday at the White House circumvent Congress controlled by Republicans, who insist that the executive order of the chief of the White House goes beyond its authority. The harsh reaction, the chairman of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan said that Obamas measures undermine freedom of the individual and will be challenged in court.

Obamas initiative envisages expanding controls over the past those who buy weapons, more effective implementation of laws on weapons possession, increased measures in terms of mental health and expand the study on the security of weapons technology. Each year, the president recalled, in the United States from weapons lose over 30 thousand people, including suicides, pretty figure higher than in other developed countries of the world.

In his speech charged with emotion, Obama accused the powerful gun lobby that is holding the country hostage and the moist recalled memory of the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 20 children and 6 adults.

American arms sales have increased these last 12 months. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in 2015 bought the gun more people than before, while the controls for the past buyers have increased by 10 percent, reaching 23 million, which represents the highest figure since the FBI began keep statistics on weapons purchases in 1998.

Do you turn the dream of a border-free Europe with, in a reminder of the past? For many analysts fear that, with the next step of the closure Denmark-Sweden, known as policy places more tolerant, Schengen -it is about to end. Visa-free movement of citizens since 1995, from Greece to Iceland, now facing tighter restrictions.

The motto of Schengen -it is the abolition of internal borders of the European Union, which means that all citizens of the countries in question belong to the same space and share a common identity.

But at a time when it is born a new European nationalism, because of the huge wave of refugees and a potential terrorist threat, all countries are experiencing a sense of fear and insecurity. Almost every European country has adopted strong measures for self-defense, while the others have created border police.

Already Germany and France, or many other neighboring countries, not only share borders, but also the armed forces. Almost all national governments restore border controls. Going further, the Austrians have set up a barbed wire fence on the border with Slovenia. Hungary, Macedonia and to Croatia, fences continue and may find throughout Central and South America.

Precisely at this time, proponents of closed societies and extremist parties are gaining ground, against those who favor more liberal policies and regimes open. Feeling anti-immigrant is widespread in Europe, but this phenomenon is mostly observed in Eastern Europe, where the governments of Hungary, Slovakia and Poland require necessarily a Europe closed, although on the other hand, they demand all the benefits that have as member of the Schengen operation.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French President who hopes to regain the post in 2017, has stated clearly that Schengen is dead. Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, who is known as categorical in his decisions, says there is room comparison with the fall of the Roman Empire. Great empires destroyed if the external borders are not protected, he said.

This is the main argument that we hear the last days. Schengen is over, said Federica Mogherini chief diplomat of the European Union, adding that its sad for him to see that Europe is gripped by panic about a million refugees. For Mogherini, this is a sign of weakness.

Yet despite the wave of refugees, it seems that terrorism is affecting the closure of borders, although basically, the area Schengen owns mechanisms to deal with these threats. For analysts, what lies behind this problem is that, among policymakers and union leaders lack the political will to strengthen and support system Schengen statue, which is located between a crisis.

But if the day is near, that freedom of movement in Europe come to an end, then it will have a huge financial cost. The failure of the Schengen -it provides a dark perspective economic union.

US police have arrested a person for whom he announced that he planned to kidnap one of the two dogs of US President Barack Obama.

Officials said Scott Stockert, North Dakota, was the person in question, which in Washington DC police found weapons in his vehicle, including a shotgun rifle and a machete.

Police have said that at the time of arrest, Scott Stockert has made some strange requests. He told police he intends to run for president of the United States. He also said he was the son of F. Kennedy and actress Marilyn Monroe.

A Muslim woman was driven by an electoral meeting of Donald Trump in South Carolina. Rose Hamid, 56, a Muslim American, stepped between supporters repulikan candidate for the White House as a form of protest against his rhetoric.

But the 56-year-old initiative by Charlotte, who is president of the Association of Muslim Women in South Carolina, did not sit well with the Donald Trump or the crowd.

She stayed only a few minutes after starting the speech of Donald Trump and wearing the hijab was noticeable immediately.

The crowd immediately demanded its removal with opposing cheers. That was enough for the 56-year-old be off by a security officer.

Case could not escape Donald Trump who commented it thus: There are incredible hatred between us and it is not our hatred, but hatred of them (refugees).

Rose Hamid was born in America as the daughter of a Palestinian father and a Colombian mother. She runs long Muslim Womens Association in South Carolina and writes frequently for the Islamic faith.

Asked about the participation in the electoral meeting Donald Trump says he chose it as a form of silent protest to tell followers how Republican candidate is a Muslim woman.

I do not blame the people who follow him, I blame his speeches (Donald Trump) full of hatred against immigrants, she says.

Donald Trump has often been the target of criticism for his statements against immigrants, where the latter was it against the Syrians. If I win, everyone will leave the US, he said.